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Oh Blizz <3


Oh Blizz <3

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IC letters.


I’m bored and want some prompts. Send me an IC letter to any of my characters, and I’ll write how they’d react reading to it. I’ll also send one back.

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Cosplay progress and a kitten. My life. #aryaprogress

In case anyone was wondering what I&#8217;ve been up to IRL- trying to make myself into a Stark and cleaning up kitten shit.


Cosplay progress and a kitten. My life. #aryaprogress

In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to IRL- trying to make myself into a Stark and cleaning up kitten shit.

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chemicalbydefault asked:
"I caught the bouquet!"

Ara sat at her table in the corner of the large banquet hall, bitterly sipping the watered down alcoholic beverage in her hand. At least it was free! Weddings were a topic that came up in many a romance novel, and she should have been glad for the opportunity to fill her notebook with details and anecdotes. But after a few hours of watching the sickenly saccharine way the newly weds looked at each other, and danced with each other, and kissed each other…. Ugh. Arainea thought she might get cavities.

"Why do some feel it so necessary to show off their affections so…vividly." She muttered as she finished her wine glass. "It’s as if they’re trying to show off to the rest of us who don’t have a chance in hell at that sort of happiness…not that I’d want it!. Hmph." These were valid thoughts, and ones she would have to write down in full…After she refilled her glass.

She made her way towards the punch bowl, going the most direct route, which cut across a particularly loud gaggle of females. Ara clutched her notebook tighter to her chest, before politely pressing on through the crowd…only to get a mouth full of flowers in the process.

"MMMMPH!" Ara’s glasses were now crooked, and she hardly had a chance to adjust him, before the mob of squeeing females wisked her off into a chair on display in front of the whole party. "…Uh….um…." Ara gulped, nervously looking the crowd over, her cheeks red, as she shifted uncomfortably in the the very formfitting and slightly low cut gown she was wearing.

"AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE GARTER TOSS….Who will get to place it on this lovely young lady’s leg?!" A voice called out. Ara could only sit there and gulp, a fake smile plastered on her face as she thought ‘They could not offer me enough treasure to get me to go to another wedding…

((If anyone (or more than one!) would like to continue with the garter toss, feel free! ARA HAS VERY SHAPELY LEGS *eyebrow waggle*))

Song: Waking Up in Vegas
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Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas

so just maybe I need this song on my blog as my mind runs away with terrible ideas for my toons.

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  • “I think we should consider filing for divorce.”
  • “We could get an annulment.”
  • “I’m never drinking again.”
  • “So… Which one us is going to be wearing the dress?”
  • “How do you feel about a spring wedding?”
  • “You can’t propose with an onion ring, idiot.”
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “Yes!”
  • “Are you sure you should be wearing white?”
  • “You always looked so handsome in a tux…”
  • “I caught the bouquet!”
  • “How about that dance then?”
  • “S/he’s half an hour late… What if s/he doesn’t show?”
  • “I’m sorry. I can’t marry you.”
  • “I never wanted this.”
  • “My last name or yours?”
  • “You’re not supposed to see me today!”
  • “I know I’m not supposed to… I just really needed to see you.”
  • “You look so beautiful.”
  • “Where should we go for our honeymoon?”
  • “I’ve been dreaming about this day my whole life.”
  • “I don’t want a big wedding. I just want you.”
  • "S/he said no? I’m so sorry…"

sdfghjgfdfhjk guys let me vicariously live through prompts because neither of my toons are getting married anytime soon unless they get really drunk and wake up in Vegas. (Azshara?) ACTUALLY THAT COULD BE FUN TO WRITE TOO….FEED MY ASK.

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chimerafood asked:
Adversary, Porn, Senses, Burn, Jackhammer, Consequences, Runaway, Hidden, Mastery Request, obligation, Dirt, Glass, Ricochet, Charm


Adversary - Y’know, Ara doesn’t realize it yet, but it’s kind of Reed. Right now their goals are somewhat in alignment but that is going to change as Ara seeks independence. Her abuse of Vyce will put the nail in that when Ara finds out, regardless of whether Ara and Vyce hook back up.

Porn - Ara is turned on by consensual power play, along with a variety of other colorful sexual acts. She’s turned off by force without there being desire behind it. Also, definitely not into animals or water sports.

Senses - Ugh shit, that’s a hard one. If Ara had to live without a sense, it would probably smell, because she uses it the least as a pirate. But smell is linked to taste, and Ara loves food. So that’ll suck a lot.

Burn - Last hurtful thing someone said, that was probably when Vi gave her his piece about her being involved with slavery. THE TRUTH HURTS. What hurt more than anything was how he pushed her away.

Jackhammer - A sound Ara can’t stand…Hmmm. Thunder comes to mind, because it means storms, which means pain in the ass for sailing. But she can still deal with it.

Consequences - Ara’s latest regret would be entertaining the thought that Vyce saw her as something other than a piece of ass.

Runaway - Ara’s home is mobile, LOL, so she can’t really run away from it! But if she was moving away from Parhelion, it would be towards her goal of being a pirate.

Hidden - Something no one knows about Ara…She could have been a very good civilian. She has it in her to run a good business in between her writing, to settle down and marry and raise a family. But she is petrified of being normal, she sees it as giving up. So she is doing everything in her power to make herself a kick ass pirate - And she’ll gladly leave that chance at a normal life behind.

Mystery - Ara thinks a lot about how to turn the things she is seeing into sensational stories.

Request - If Ara could have one physical thing at this moment it would probably be a loyal crew of non mercenaries.

Obligation - Ara feels indebted to Reed for helping her get her start, which is why she has been willing to stretch her morals as far as she has.

Dirt - Currently on Ara’s conscience is the fact that she helped transport those slaves. A good part of why she feels bad is because of Vi being angry, but she is not ENTIRELY without a conscience. She does plan to make up for it by ‘killing her kraken’ as Cho would say and helping Cho and Vi’s crews track down that slaver.

Glass - How accurately does your character see themselves? Hmmm. I feel Ara is extremely hard on herself and is lacking some confidence, although she does hide it pretty well. She knows her strengths and weaknesses in skill, though, so that is something.

Ricochet - The last thing Ara did that had an effect on someone…taking Tytos’s sheep to Stormwind? It was a successful business venture, so that’s a positive.

Charm - Object she always has with her - Her notebook of course!!


Playing Alliance:


Playing Horde:


This is really what it feels like to me.

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xatasha asked:
Vi would get a letter in a bottle (how amusing) brought to him by a crab. The very Crab that loves to pinch everyone. Inside was picture drawn all over a letter from Nor. "Samuel 1st Birthday is soon. His first words were "mama". I let him play in the paint for this invite. -Love Nor"


Dreadmane Vi sat upon a chair in his private quarters, bottle of rum and book in hand when he would notice the small crab trotting about with a bottle within it’s pincer. Canting his head slightly with suspicion and intrigue, a single brow would arch, his lips curling to smirk deviously.

…It seems his daughter Nor wishes to inform him of something.

He would shift to place the bottle down upon a table with his gripping hand, arching his back forward to retrieve the bottle. The messenger crab however felt payment was in order, and with such, the bottle toting crustacean would proceed to extend his other pincer to snap and nip Dreadmane Vi’s calf. “-Oi—-! Ya lil’-” Dreadmane Vi yelped in displeasure, twitching in surprise of such a sting. “…Ya jest’ -love- doin’ t’at, don’t ya?” Dreadmane Vi would follow with a brow furrowed, dead pan stare, glaring directly at the crab, who clearly paid no attention to the captain’s grievances. Instead, the crab would plant the bottle beside Dreadmane Vi’s feet, turn upon it’s deck clacking chelae, waddling out of his cabin, absolutely ignoring the vile glares given by the dread maned pirate captain.

Scoffing with distaste, he would lean forward to swipe the bottle from the floor, popping the cork with his other hand. Once again reclining into his chair, he would hike up one leg to rest upon a bent knee, eyebrows waggling in anticipation as he would free the piece of parchment from the bottle with a tilt, shake and firm pat. “Let’s see ‘ere… Wha’ do we have…?”

Gripping the page, he would unroll and fan out the piece of parchment, and with his eyes widening at the sight, his facial expressions would spark in delight, sights tracing along the page to read such news. In moments of silence he would find pleasure in the streaks of color along the page, admiring the artistic prowess of his infant grandson. However, such would draw to a sudden close as his ears would twitch, single brow arched in dismay. “…Wai—” Dreadmane Vi chimed, confusion hindering his thought process, raising a single limp wristed hand to meet his scalp to scratch with bewilderment, bells jingling to break the silence of such deep thought.


"…Is t’ere ‘sposed ta be some sorta invitation ta’ me grand-boyo? ‘Er is t’is jest’ a lil’ toss up a information… As if I’ve been missin’ out— In which -obviously- be ta case? I ‘spose I should bear tidins’ an’ gifts— Is she expectin’ me ta’ bring lil snacks?" 

Dreadmane Vi would sigh and cackle, shaking his head softly. “Aye’… Clarifications… Always wit’out ‘em wit’ precious.”


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CHILDREN’S WEEK! 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 89

I love my dumb characters a lot and I like to wonder what they might do in different situations.  Children’s Week was an opportunity to see what my paladin and priest would do with a tiny orphan.  Everyone survived!  Somehow!

Although I haven’t done the quests in years I still love seeing all the little orphans every year.  Salandria baby girl ;-;


I wish I had done more IC with Children’s week. Dae offered his orphan rum, because he does not know how to kid, LOL Luckily a kind lady stepped in and helped him out in the nutritional department. Dae will make a better dad once he learns the basics and puts the kid before himself.

Ara…has it in her to be a great mom, actually, she can be fiercely protective. But at the moment she is a bit too reckless and obsessed with her career. And she would probably read the children extreeeeeemely inappropriate bed time stories.

…Fail parents are actually kinda really fucking adorable if they eventually shake the fail.

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historical otps: anne bonny + calico jack rackham
I’m sorry to see you here, but had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.

historical otps: anne bonny + calico jack rackham

I’m sorry to see you here, but had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.

Reblog if it’s okay for me to write fics or make graphics of your character and tag you. Sometimes the mood strikes me but I’m nervous my partners won’t like it or won’t be cool with it.


Reblog if it’s okay for me to write fics or make graphics of your character and tag you. Sometimes the mood strikes me but I’m nervous my partners won’t like it or won’t be cool with it.


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Reblog if you actually feel emotions during Rps




Omg yes

Don’t have to ALWAYS get deep, but if you don’t sometimes? You’re doing it wrong.    8) 

I cry during RP sometimes and I am not ashamed.

Ahahaha it has happened.

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I have a piratey story in my head for Ara…

…but I’m worn out from working on cosplay, have to walk dogs in the morning, and think I’m gonna crash a bit early.

Still feel free to leave me prompts! Hope everyone has a good night! <3

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